Khalifa Meaning - Origin

Khalifa Meaning - Origin

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Meaning of the name:

Khalifa is an Arabic male given name meaning "successor", "intelligent", "wisdom" or "successful". This name is mostly used by Arabs and Muslims around the world.
Khalifa is a very close name to "Khalif" or "caliph" which simply means "ruler" or "ruler". As Arab leaders and leaders succeed one another according to their hierarchy, we can assimilate this name to "successor".


Khalifa Haftar, chief of staff of the new Libyan Army forces, "Khalifa Sall, a politician of Senegalese origin who was minister on many occasions and elected mayor of Dakar in 2009.

His character :

Khalifa are wise and well-posed people. They are fine strategists. They think long and hard before making decisions and that's how they achieve the goals they set for themselves. In their family and social life, all means are good to demonstrate the love they bring to loved ones. The Khalifa have their heart on their hands and do not hesitate to spend time to fulfill the wishes of their loved ones.



His party :

We do not celebrate the Khalifa in France.

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