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The Christmas of Juju the turtle

The Christmas of Juju the turtle

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Late in the afternoon, Juju the turtle carefully pointed her nose out of her shell. The cold had hardened the snow the night before. At ground level, it shone like the icing of a cake under the caress of the sun which was declining.

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  • Almost reluctantly, Juju pulled out his paws.- Ah gla gla! she shuddered. But why do we have to age?
  • Juju was the doyenne of the forest. Agathe the cat thought she was a hundred years old, Apollo the puppy swore she was a thousand! The inhabitants of the forest had always known her and they met her regularly during her daily walk, a ritual she never departed from. And that we were on December 24, did not change anything. - Go on the way! Juju encouraged himself.
  • She grimaced because the ground still froze her legs. On the way, she noticed that everyone was busy everywhere in anticipation of New Year's Eve. She felt a slight pang in her heart at the thought of passing his alone in the clearing where she had her habits, but she quickly drove this beginning of sadness.
  • She met all those little ones that Christmas made particularly happy. First, Simonin the rabbit, bending under the weight of a backpack.- Good evening Madame Juju! he exclaimed. "Good evening, my dear! But, are you moving? - Not at all! I bring his games to my friend Leo!
  • A little further, Juju the tortoise crossed Leo the badger, a bag on his back, too.- Good evening Madame Juju! he exclaimed. "Do not tell me anything, my dear! You're reporting his games to your friend Simonin? "" You guessed it!

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