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A day in the countryside

A day in the countryside

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Are you planning on going on a country walk with your baby or grand-baby? Take the opportunity to discover the flowers, trees, fields ... and the art of napping in the shade of plane trees!

The equipment

  • What outfit put him in places at risk? Girl or boy, it is better to dress your child with trousers, a long-sleeved cotton shirt, socks and shoes to avoid insect bites. Plan a change in case of a patch in a stream ... and a rain suit to leave in the car. Bring the necessary layers if necessary, of course!
  • The +? A minisac backpack for his treasures: shells, pebbles, seeds that he will harvest, and a magnifying glass to observe small animals. He will be proud to wear it!

The path

  • Maps in hand, prepare your trip the day before. Locate the steps. Also find out about your point of fall. A little help to better memorize your day, to appreciate the fauna, the flora, the site ... On, you will find the green cycle tracks or perfect for strollers. If you bring bikes and rollers, do not forget the helmets!

The snack

  • On the menu of your little princethis time, there will be a salad of farfalles with cherry tomatoes, pitted olives, parmesan shavings or mozzarella, a little Serrano ham and a drizzle of olive oil. Another fun idea: small sandwiches of bread (preferably no crust, it exists!) With smoked salmon and cottage cheese, which you associate with a cherry tomato or a cucumber cube! Pick up other picnic ideas in our Cooking section.
  • Remember that a dark tablecloth attracts less small animals.

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