Toxoplasmosis: 8 preventive actions

Toxoplasmosis: 8 preventive actions

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As you know, toxoplasmosis is not trivial during pregnancy. If you are not immune, it is important to follow certain rules to protect yourself and your baby. We tell you everything!

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Toxoplasmosis: 8 preventive actions (9 photos)

Toxoplasmosis: a not-so-insignificant disease

Infection caused by a parasite, toxoplasmosis is an insignificant disease except during pregnancy. It can, in fact, cause neurological or ocular lesions in the future baby. In early pregnancy, screening for this disease is mandatory. If you are not immune, some preventive measures will protect you and your future baby.

1. Meat, yes ... but well cooked

Toxoplasma gondii, parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis, is present in the earth and is found in the intestines of herbivores and omnivores (beef, mutton, pork, game, poultry ...). You must consume meat always well cooked (ideally at 65 ° C) to eliminate this parasite. A precaution that also applies if you are immune to toxoplasmosis, because undercooked meat can be responsible for other diseases such as tapeworm or listeriosis.
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2. Exit tartares, marinated meats or smoked

During these nine months, you will also have to resist beef carpaccio and other raw meat tartars. Exit plates also ham, deli meats that may contain raw meat, raw fish (sushi), mussels, oysters or other crustaceans that also pose risks. Anyway, they are to proscribe, even if you are immune. And cheese made from raw milk? According to Afssa (French Agency for Food Safety), there is no risk of transmission of toxoplasmosis ... but the risks are elsewhere: in listeria. Therefore…

3. With water, fruits and vegetables

Wash carefully (and peel) the fruits, vegetables and also the aromatic herbs as they have been in contact with the earth. This may have been infected by the parasite having been in contact with animal waste. A good tip? Add a little vinegar or a few drops of lemon juice to the rinse water. In restaurants or at friends' homes, avoid eating them if you are not completely sure they have been cleaned.

4. Freezing: a good weapon against toxo

Good news, freezing is a good anti-toxo weapon. The parasite Toxoplasma gondii is destroyed when a product is frozen for at least three days (at -18 ° C minimum). Think of it for meat and other vegetables! And if you are at the restaurant, ask the question to know which dishes are made from frozen foods because it is a guarantee of safety.

5. We rub our hands!

Hands can carry germs in food. Clean them thoroughly with soap for at least 30 seconds after handling raw meat, or fruits and vegetables that have been in contact with soil. Even better, a little nail brush during this hand washing.

6. An irreproachable material

Also clean surfaces (worktop, cutting board ...) and utensils used to cut raw meat or prepare vegetables. Finally, make sure that your refrigerator is flawless in terms of hygiene.

7. Caution in the garden

Do you garden? It's a good thing, but remember that the earth can be soiled by feces. So take the precaution of gardening with gloves and wash your hands well afterwards.

8. And the cat?

The cat is a preferred vector of toxoplasma through its excrement. But you must know that only cats that hunt for food can be carriers of this parasite. If yours lives in an apartment and only eats kibble or cans, no risk!
Your cat goes into the garden, goes out ... you will have to take precautions if you are not immune. Give up a few months to clean his litter and pass the baton to the future dad. If not, put on gloves to change the bedding and wash the tub well with hot water (more than 70 °). No need to put bleach, it will not be more effective in getting rid of this parasite. Also avoid putting the tray in the kitchen. On the other hand, there is no risk to condition to lavish caresses to your love cat!
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