Syncope and discomfort pregnant, what to do?

Sensation of "spinning head", sensation of impending loss of consciousness, accompanied by cold sweats ... what are some of the discomforts of pregnancy and how can they be prevented?

  • During pregnancy, some discomfort may occur. It goes from the simple sensation of "head turning", to the great uneasiness and very unpleasant feeling of imminent loss of knowledge, accompanied by cold sweats.
  • These disorders have no gravity. They are not of cardiac origin, they would be rather of vascular origin because the pregnancy always sounds more or less on the state of the vascular system (the blood then goes up in less quantity towards the heart). This kind of discomfort can occur if you move too quickly from sitting to standing (so you have to get up slowly), or after standing still and motionless (for example, a wait at the checkout of a store).

How to prevent them?

  • To prevent such disorders, do not stay fasting in the morning, or too long standing still, avoid sudden changes in temperature, or stay in a room too heated. If these discomforts are frequent and you drive a car, stop as soon as you feel them coming, it's more careful.
  • At the end of pregnancy, some women when lying on their backs, feel on the verge of fainting. To remove this awesome, but not serious, discomfort, simply lie down on the left side, or sit down halfway with pillows. This very particular discomfort is due to the compression by the uterus of the inferior vena cava, a large vessel which brings back to the heart the venous blood of the whole lower part of the body. You can also place a cushion under your knees: the pelvis tilts backwards, the kidneys rest on the ground, and the vena cava is no longer compressed.
  • As unpleasant and impressive as they sometimes are, these troubles have no consequence; but if they reproduce too often, talk to the doctor.

And hypoglycemic discomfort?

  • It almost always happens late in the morning. It results in nausea and a feeling of hunger accompanied by perspiration. This discomfort occurs if you have had an inconsistent breakfast: a simple cup of coffee or tea; or if you have eaten mostly fast-absorbing sugars: sugar, jam, honey. They cause insulin secretion and this secretion of insulin in turn, about two hours later, cause hypoglycemia, that is to say a decrease in blood glucose.
  • Women who are sensitive to this discomfort have an interest in splitting their meals, taking at breakfast a little bread, an egg, lean cheese or a little meat; possibly to eat around 10 am an apple or sweet yoghurt. Similarly, it is good to eat something again around 16-17 hours.

To know

If you feel uncomfortable, sit down; if you are at home, lie down with your feet elevated so that blood rushes to the head.

Article from the book "I'm expecting a child" by Laurence Pernoud. 

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