Name Jaoua - Meaning and origin

Name Jaoua - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs, Celts, Latins

Meaning of the name:

This masculine given name comes from the Latin "Jovis", the genus of Jupiter. It's both a Celtic name and an Arabic name.


No known Jaoua yet ... your little wonder may be!

Saint Jaoua was bishop of León in Brittany, abbot of Daoulas and disciple of Saint Pol. Legend has it that St. Jaoua liberated the inhabitants of the Faou from a dragon. It probably means that he has evangelized this area. He is buried in the chapel of Saint-Jaoua in Plouvien.

His character :

Sense of initiative and dynamism are the words that describe Jaoua perfectly. Full of life, he has a passionate character and a deep love for life and its pleasures. His sensitivity and intuition are also highly developed, which allows him to be both altruistic and benevolent. Lacking solitude and monotony, Jaoua is not made to live alone. He is particularly sociable and talented for negotiations, contacts and human interactions. Child, Jaoua can be a real little devil with an insatiable desire to move and run in all directions. As a result, sports are strongly recommended.


Jawa, Jaouenn, Joeva, Jaoven, Jova, Jouvin, Yaouen, Joavan or Joevin or Jouvin or Jawa.

His party :

The Jaoua are celebrated on March 2nd.

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