Hell shopping for Halloween

Hell shopping for Halloween

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On October 31, 2019, pumpkins, vampires and other witches come out of the cupboards to party. Disguises, decorative ideas ... our monstrously clever shopping for your little monsters.

Crafts, recipes, games ... all our Halloween info

Karine Ancelet

Selection updated on September 10, 2019

Hell Shopping for Halloween (28 photos)

Trick or treat !

It takes many little bags of hell to collect all these treats of Halloween! 7,99 € the 6. Where to find them?

Custom tote bag

100% cotton, this tote bag (38 x 42 cm) will be perfect for harvesting Halloween candies. And as it is customizable to your child's name, he will not be stolen! 16 €. Where to find it?

Bonnie coin corner keychain

We fall for this keychain hell that will please your little devil! € 12.99. Where to find it?

Sweety pumpkin

Bouh! A pretty pumpkin dimpled to climb (it's easy!) And put on the table to scare friends: € 5.99. Where to find it?

Vampire Chest and Mutant by Playmobil

Your monsters will love this Vampire and Mutant chest with scary lab and rocker switch to "wake up" monsters: € 8.81. Where to find it?

Balloons from hell

Inflated these Halloween balloons ... they will love to blend in with the decor. 2,90 € the 8 balloons. Where to find them?

Chocolate molds for Halloween

What to make beautiful confectionery for the big day: 2.90 € the mold of 5 cm in diameter. Where to find it?

Gourmet spider

A pinata filled with sweets that one will not have to be afraid to hit! 19 €. Where to find it?

Monster creations with this kit

This creative kit for Halloween is great for entertaining kids ?! The paper mache bat can be decorated with the supplied material and patterned paper: € 8.60. Where to find it?

Kit for cookies and cupcakes

Ask your little devils to put their hands in the dough ... easy and funny with this creative kitchen kit: 13,29 €. Where to find it?

Bouquet of hell

Let yourself be captivated by this array of chocolate leaves that the hazelnut Gianduja spider has woven into this special Halloween bouquet. € 20.90. Where to find it?

Sibon Sibon Skeleton Cup Cakes

Nice design, no? Your cupcakes make a sensation: 5,62 € the 18. Where to find it?

Imagi pumpkin costume

This pumpkin dress and her little basket will be happy at the time of the Halloween candy race: 19,99 €. Where to find it?

Disguise of Imp Kiabi

Too easy to turn into a devil! € 15 (for 3-5 years old).

Where to find it?

Cuistoshop candy bags

To pack sweets and sweets ... top! € 3.20 the 15 bags. Where to find them?

Spider sticks

For original and scary ice cream ... opt for these silicone sticks. € 10.90. Where to find them?

Monsters to chew

To decorate cakes, nice monsters in sugar paste! 3.95 € 6. Where to find them?

Here the skeleton!

Combination, vest, hat ... a perfect costume for candy hunting. $ 22.99. Where to find it?

Not even afraid !

To hang in the house, nice critters to scare your guests. 9,40 € the 6. Where to find them?

Mexican fashion!

To decorate cakes with humor and without making headaches! 6,80 € the 5. Where to find them?

Tattoo of hell

To turn into a witch the time of the party: 2,50 € the 2 tattoos. Where to find it?

Halloween kit for cakes of hell

Skull, bat, bone ... A kit of funny cookie cutters to use separately or together to make a big skeleton by assembling the biscuits. That's good, the recipe is provided: 11,40 € the kit (Sibo Sibon). Where to find it?

Gentle witch

Not even afraid ! This disguise includes a dress and a hat full of colors. All you have to do is lend your broom! € 14.99. Where to find it?


With such packaging ... candies make a misfortune. 5.50 € 6. Where to find them?

The strength with them!

Plates in the fashion Star Wars that should delight your ogres greedy. € 4.05 8. Where to find them?

Sibon Sibon Halloween Cases

Ideal for your Halloween cupcakes, skull boxes! 5,02 € the 24 (5 cm in diameter). Where to find them?

Spider garland

This set of 8 garlands of skulls and spiders will thrill the decor! € 7.85. Where to find it?

Witch spoon rest

His role ? Avoid stains on the worktop? Magical ! € 12.90. Where to find it?