Sexuality and pregnancy: no taboo!

Sexuality and pregnancy: no taboo!

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Does pregnancy change sexuality? Are there risks or contraindications? Is there a better time to make pregnant love or a recommended position? How to boost his libido? We tell each other everything !

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Sexuality and pregnancy: no taboo! (30 photos)

Can we make pregnant love?

YES. If the course of pregnancy is normal, and the gynecologist does not pose any medical contraindication, make love during pregnancy poses no risk for the mother or the baby.
Making love is possible and even advisable, because it helps the couple to cement their relationship, reassures the future mother, and bloomed the future dad. In the absence of contraindications, sexual intercourse is possible until the rupture of the water pocket, because in this case, there is a great risk of infection.

Pregnant sexuality, which changes

How does pregnancy change sexuality?

The presence of this little being in the belly of mom should not be neglected and greatly influences sexuality, both in men and women.
At the beginning of pregnancy, discomfort, nausea and vomiting are frequent, desire decreases during this period.
Towards the end of pregnancy, the physical modification of the pregnant woman, the movements of the baby and the fear of premature labor can block the couple.

Pregnant sexuality, which changes

Make love, dangerous for the fetus?

Not at all. The baby is protected in the uterus by the uterine wall (uterine muscles), the amniotic fluid, and down through the cervix and mucous plug. There is no risk, infection or premature delivery.

Sex and pregnancy: a taboo subject, why?

While some women experience a more fulfilling sexuality, others have a harder time adjusting to the physical and hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. The
Pregnancy is often experienced as a great transformation, and with consultations, one almost wants to compare it to a disease. We feel guilty, we are no longer wanted, we are anxious about the change in the relationship, we become mothers and we are no longer women ... but, we are not alone ...

Is sexuality during pregnancy badly experienced by the partner?

Retreat on oneself or on the contrary increase of the desire, the reactions of the partner are not always the same. Desires change, for both women and men. However, the fear of hurting the baby, the fear of hurting the mother who is rather "fragile", the baby "hears" us, the woman is "precious" because carries a baby, the physical changes of the pregnancy are often a source of hindsight, a drop in libido, at the risk of even sometimes abandoning the pregnant woman.

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What contraindications to sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

There are indeed medical contraindications: in case of a history of miscarriage, in case of placenta previa, in case of arterial hypertension, in case of bleeding at the beginning of pregnancy, or in case of rupture of the water bag .
Precautions should also be taken in case of twin pregnancy, or in case of sexual diseases of the partner.

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Less desire when you're pregnant, is this normal?

YES. The beginning of a pregnancy brings about a great change and disruption in the woman's life, both physically (nausea, vomiting, malaise, hypotension) as well as psychologically and emotionally. Desires and libido also follow this curve.
So, yes, do not feel guilty, this reaction is quite normal, but talk about it as a couple, and discuss so as not to leave the future daddy.

Sexuality and pregnancy: the video

Sexuality and pregnancy: what to do in case of bleeding?

The presence of small bleeding after sexual intercourse is rare but may indicate fragility of the cervix and vagina (which is normal during pregnancy).
However, do not neglect this sign because it can also mean the presence of a condition that may be more serious.
A medical consultation is always necessary so that the doctor can check the exact position of the placenta.

After 8 months of pregnancy: making love is advisable!

Sexual intercourse at the end of pregnancy can trigger a childbirth. YES, because if the pregnancy is complete, the placenta is mature, the cervix is ​​ready, the prostaglandins secreted by the sperm can trigger the work. This is the theoretically ideal time for sexual intercourse, but in practical terms, one feels embarrassed by the belly, but also worried about the idea of ​​a childbirth that is imminent.

Pregnant, is it more sensitive during sex?

The sensations perceived during a sexual relationship vary from one woman to another. While some perceive a sensation of extreme pleasure (because of the accumulation of blood in the genital area during intercourse), others feel the opposite, sometimes even cramps or pain after intercourse. But sensitive, yes, the skin, the genitals (clitoris, vagina), breast and breasts are.

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The second trimester of pregnancy: ideal for making love?

YES, indeed, cravings and libido are extremely fluctuating during pregnancy, desire also. During the second trimester, lovemaking can become more enjoyable; the belly is not too big, the hormones are steep, the discomforts of the first trimester are over, the women feel even more sexy and desirable, the maximum orgasm can be at the rendezvous.

Pregnant sexuality, which changes

Is sexual intercourse beneficial during pregnancy?

The sexual relation is beneficial for the couple: the state of the relationship, the harmony of the couple, the complicity, which gives a feeling of assurance and well-being particularly for the mother.
For couples whose intercourse is contraindicated, there are other ways to get closer, to maintain this relationship of complicity, and to show affection for each other: massages, caresses, ...

Pregnant sexuality, which changes

To make pregnant love: does the fetus feel anything?

Expectant parents often worry about how the baby might feel in their mother's womb during intercourse. Rest assured, baby does not see or hear what's going on outside of the uterus.
Moreover, when mom feels the well-being, serenity, appeasement, happiness during intercourse, these feelings, the baby also feel them. Hormonal fluctuation during intercourse may also cause some movements of the baby.

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Sexuality and pregnancy: risks of miscarriage?

If the pregnancy is normal, there is no risk of miscarriage. However, if there is a history of miscarriage, precautions should be taken, the gynecologist alone can assess the severity and ask the need for any medical contraindications to sexual intercourse.

What term of pregnancy can we make love to?

It is possible to make love during all the duration of the pregnancy (if normal course of the pregnancy), until the rupture of the pocket of waters. When the water pocket is broken, it's time to leave quickly for the clinic. Sexual intercourse at this stage could be the source of infection because the baby is in contact with the outside environment and is no longer protected.

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To make pregnant love, a cause of threat of premature labor (MAP)?

This is one of the complications of the most feared pregnancy. Having sex during pregnancy is not a risk factor for this complication if the pregnancy is normal. On the other hand, in the event of a history of threatened preterm birth or even premature birth, the woman is likely to do so again because the cervix is ​​fragile. In this case, sir, we'll have to wait ...

Sexuality and pregnancy: a link between the mother's desire and the baby's sex?

The sex of the baby and the libido of the mother, the sex of the baby and the food cravings of the mother, the sex of the baby and the usual posture of the mother, the sex of the baby and the pendulum on the belly ... All these affirmations remain today at the stage of belief, but no scientific proof has yet been issued on these points. So…

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Sperm can trigger contractions?

The sperm contains prostaglandins that are hormones acting on the uterus by stimulating the uterine contraction, which then triggers the work. These hormones also relax the cervix, making it easier to open during delivery.

Sexuality and pregnancy: the video

What is the best position to make pregnant love?

Several positions can be taken during sex during pregnancy; the big belly is no longer an excuse not to make love:

- lspoon: the woman is lying on the left side with her legs bent, the man is behind, mostly practiced at the end of pregnancy

- doggy style: the woman is "4 legs", the man is kneeling from behind (or standing at the edge of the bed), but the penetration must be soft

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What is the best position to make pregnant love? (after)

- the woman is sitting on the man as a rider (the man is lying or sitting), either facing him or turning his back

- the missionary: practicable until the fifth month of pregnancy, the woman is lying on her back and the man above, but the latter must lean on his hands to lift his body

- to stand at the foot of the bed, the man is kneeling to face the woman

- the man is sitting on a chair, the woman is sitting on him as a rider

Pregnant sexuality, which changes

Sexuality and pregnancy: what does the future father feel?

The different disruptions do not only concern the future mother, but also the future dad, and his reactions should not be neglected. Of course, with all the physical changes of her companion advancing towards motherhood, sexuality and behavior change. The imminent arrival of this new member of the small family is also a source of anxiety, anguish and questioning. Sometimes, before the hormonal fluctuations and variations of the desires of the woman, the future dad feels abandoned ...

Pregnant sexuality, which changes

When the baby is in the womb blocks the future daddy

When the presence of the baby is really a blockage in the intimate relationship, there are other manifestations of tenderness and love, such as cuddling, caressing, massage ... So it's not just about boosting your libido, but also to take care of the future dad worried and disarmed. The marks of love and tenderness regular can change everything ...

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Sexuality and pregnancy: Does the desire of the future daddy change?

The reactions vary from one man to another, yes, the desire changes but in different senses:
- for some, the desire increases because the presence of the baby in the stomach is not yet concrete, the woman becomes even sexier and exciting, sexuality is more fulfilled yet
- for others, the desire decreases: some feel all the changes in their companion and may even have nausea or specific food cravings, the presence of baby "embarrass" a little intimacy of the couple, so everything is blocked, others say "this woman is wearing my baby, she is sacred, I will not dare to touch her ..."

Sexuality and pregnancy: the video

The vibrator: allowed or not during pregnancy?

The vibrator is a device that is not recommended at all during pregnancy, because the vibration generated can cause disturbances in the uterus and the fetus.
On the other hand, its use at the level of the external parts (at the level of the clitoris for example), is not contraindicated, but again, it will be necessary to choose appropriate apparatuses, which vibrate the least!

Does orgasm change when you are pregnant?

In most couples, orgasm is even common during pregnancy; some admit to having experienced their first orgasm during pregnancy. Indeed, during pregnancy, all the erogenous zones of the woman are engorged and congested, therefore more sensitive to stimulation.

Sexuality and pregnancy: the video

The breast is more sensitive during pregnancy

This high sensitivity is essentially related to the increased production of progesterone and estrogen. There will be an increase in volume, with an influx of excessive blood. The breasts become hard, heavy and the skin is very sensitive and fragile, even by simple rubbing of clothing. The breasts are simply preparing for breastfeeding after delivery.

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How to increase your libido when you are pregnant?

- enjoy good time alone, walk around, go out ...
- discuss openly about sexuality as a couple, see what makes both of us happy
- manage the stress because it will be felt by the partner and will distance him
- adapt the room to create a warm and sensual atmosphere
- to practice adapted physical exercises (it influences the desire and the libido)
- some specific foods can also help: celery, pumpkin, garlic, peach, strawberry, nuts, chocolate ...

Pregnant sexuality, which changes

Even pregnant, staying sexy is important ...

This is not the time to let go ... on the contrary! It is important to pay attention to his clothes (low-cut, tight, blouses ...), do not forget the sexy lingerie, take care of his skin (face and body), his hair, and above all, do not try to hide his stomach !!!

Pregnant sexuality, which changes

Does sexuality return to normal after childbirth?

Pregnancy and childbirth were a real upheaval in the couple's sex life. After childbirth, the return of sexuality to normal depends on physical factors (persistence of pain for a few weeks, presence of scar in case of episiotomy for example, bleeding), sexual factors (persistence of lack of desire, sometimes linked to pain for a few weeks and to a drop in estrogen). But past this course, everything must return to normal after a few weeks.

What does the father feel after giving birth?

The reactions are variable:
- the father may feel a decrease in desire towards the young mother who was her lover and now become the mother of her child
- on the contrary, the desire can be amplified in the presence of a companion who has become a happy and happy mother
- the father may feel a certain jealousy about the mother's attention to the baby, he feels helpless
- the father can also be totally embarrassed and worried about a first painful intercourse after childbirth
The important thing, in any case, is to speak with confidence ...

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