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His first walking shoes with a magnifying glass

His first walking shoes with a magnifying glass

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Your child is on the first steps? It's time to choose your first walking shoes. A shoe that knows how to put on must know how to put on without hurting. The points to know for small shoes always well adapted.

The stem

  • This upper part that dresses the foot is ideally leather. Make sure that it is provided with an inner lining also leather to let the foot breathe and allow the evacuation of perspiration.

The closing system

  • For the first walking shoes, laces are more suitable because their tightening fits best to each morphology. They must be tight to hold the foot, but not compress. Later, the scratches will help your child to gain autonomy, but still check their good positioning.

The rear buttress

  • This reinforcement at the back of the shoe, at the heel, must be sufficiently high and rigid to prevent lateral torsion of the foot during walking.

The sole

  • It should not be too heavy: around 12 months, it is better to have a light foot so as not to tire. Rubber or rubber, it is also waterproof and non-slip, unlike leather.

The shoe size

  • It must always be perfectly adapted to the foot of the child. Too small, it compresses and prevents harmonious growth. Too big, it causes irritating friction. Better a good shoe on his foot than two or three unsuitable pairs.

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