Baby safety: the right products

Baby safety: the right products

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Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom ... the majority of domestic accidents take place at home! So, with a toddler, security is in order. Our selection.

Baby Safety: the right products (10 pics)

KiddyGuard Front of Lascal

This flexible roll-over protective barrier opens and closes with one hand. Practical, it takes a minimum of space and "disappears" when it is closed.
Its price: 155.95 €.
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Door damper Bloque multifunction Béaba

This foam hippo prevents the complete closing of the door to protect small hands.
Its price: € 3.99.
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Béaba multifunction block

Closets, drawers, refrigerator, furniture ... it adapts to all types of angles thanks to its flexible material, and flat surfaces thanks to its double-sided stickers.
Its price: 6,99 €.
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Babywalz faucet protection

This is a little monkey that will protect against possible shocks. Malin!
Its price: 4.49 €.
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Baby Sun Nursery Salome Safety Barrier

Made of 100% natural wood, metal and polycarbonate, this barrier is fixed to the wall by pressure. Extensible from 73 to 85 cm, it is 75 cm high.
Its price: 100 €.
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Cover cap, Bellemont

Here is a pack with a key and six plugs that attach easily, with a simple twist of the key. To remove the jack plug, a simple movement of rotation is enough.
His +: its pink color can not lose it!
His price : 6,50 €.
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Bed Boosters, Baby Bed Blocks

Your baby has a stuffy nose, is experiencing reflux? Hop, slide 2 of these blocks under each foot to the head of his bed! The latter is then slightly inclined: your baby can spend a better night.
His +: 3 heights possible.
His price : 19,95 € the 6.
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Patrull Corner Protection, Ikea

Made of ABS plastic and synthetic rubber, these funny handcuffs protect your child from sharp angles. Attention, better fit on furniture that do not fear much because the glue sometimes leaves traces ...
His price : € 5.49 the pack of 8 pieces.
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Steps Monti, Hoppop

To access the sink or cupboard alone, your child can use this practical and stable step. Its surface and feet are non-slip rubber.
His +: it can support up to 60 kg.
His price : 29,50 €.
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Security barrier, Babymoov

A colorful mix of wood, metal and Plexiglas. Easy to use, this barrier is fixed by pressure. It opens in both directions with possibility to block in one direction of opening.
Expandable from 73 to 82.5 cm. Height: 80 cm.
His +: his decor look.
His price : 55 €.
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