Succeed in falling asleep

Succeed in falling asleep

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Your baby has trouble falling asleep: he's fidgeting, he's crying as soon as you leave his room. Offer him a ritual of tender gestures and reassuring words. Arnaud, father of Héléa, 5 months, shares with you his father's know-how.

Succeed in falling asleep baby (4 pics)

A cuddly pause

For Héléa, the evening ritual always starts with a few small games, quiet, close to the arms of his daddy. Then Arnaud goes to hugs, kisses. Thanks to these small repeated gestures, Heléa understands that bedtime approach. Whatever ritual you adopt, it is important that it has a beginning and an end, always in the same order, otherwise it will lose its reassuring function.

And now, in bed!

This is the most delicate moment for Arnaud. He took care to extinguish all the bright lights and gently installs his little Héléa on the back directly in his turbulette. A few sweet words to reassure her, assured gestures: it is important that she feel her determination.

A last story

Dad is still in his field of vision ... Héléa is reassured. For her to relax, Arnaud tells him a last little story in a low voice. You can also hum a song to your baby, the one who cradles him since birth or who marks bedtime. Your toddler needs the sweetness of your voice to let go.

See you tomorrow, baby!

Heléa's eyes are almost closed. It is soon time for Arnaud to disappear. Our dad's last tip: do not go out of the room, linger a few moments to put away toys, for example. Your baby will feel your presence before you go out quietly. Everything seems calm ... Good night Helle!
• Your baby must be sleeping on his back, in this position he is better at fighting heat and breathing less confined air.
• Prefer a turbulette rather than a quilt that is often too hot.
• Check the temperature of the chamber which should be around 19-20 ° C.
• Think of the blanket: it allows your baby to face the separation of the night.