Fitness after baby

Fitness after baby

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Beginning the first few days after your delivery, these simple exercises recommended by the physiotherapist Roland Leclerc will balance the parts and functions of your body that have just been solicited.

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Choose a moment of tranquility where you will not be disturbed. When your baby is napping, for example. Lie on your back, legs outstretched and toes to the sky. Relax deeply and become aware of the importance of the hollow of your kidneys.


Always stretch your arms along your body, bend your knees up, keeping them away from the width of the pelvis. Your feet are now flat on the floor.


Put your hands on your stomach and listen to the movements of your breathing. Follow with your hands the inspiration and exhalation: with inspiration, the hands rise and deviate very slightly. At the expiration, they descend and come closer. Accompany gradually the expiration of a longer breath, without excess, by the mouth and without pinching your lips.


Now get your belly as far as possible, but not too hard. So you mobilize your belly by waking him up, showing him now the right direction. With this sensation, you feel your stomach less empty, you reappropriate.


Continue with gentle pressure on the soles of your feet as if you wanted to cross the floor. Contract your glutes slightly. The pubis rises, the hollow of the kidneys is filled, the back lengthens and relaxes, the belly tightens a little more, the perineum is drawn spontaneously upwards.


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