Recipes for gourmet cubs

Recipes for gourmet cubs

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Your cubs are hungry? Sweet or savory, take inspiration from these recipes to impress them ... Bear pizzas, as well as amazing cookies or marshmallow or brioche bears, these ideas drawn on Pinterest should please you!

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Karine Ancelet


Recipes for gourmet cubs (17 pics)

Bear cubs

Bear (or donkey), when the donuts turn into animals it's much more fun!


Pooh bears

Your cubs are hungry for pizza? Surprise them with these cute little heads.



Blow of heart for these cookies with crisp decor.


Marshmallow bear cubs

Marshmallows, chocolate candies ... a sweet dessert.


Kawai bears

These funny buns will be perfect for a kawai breakfast or afternoon tea.

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Bear cub

Cut sliced ​​bread, peanut butter, half banana, Nutella and Goldfish cakes ... fish this idea!


Winnie the Pooh

You recognized him? Bread bread, fresh cheese, tomato, cucumber ... he is dressed for dinner.


Bear prints

With chocolate cookies, some dried fruits and melted chocolate, bring your loulou on the trail of gluttony.


Bear bento

Straight from Japan, a sandwich-bear to slide in his bento!


Cuddly bears

Cuddly bears

If so, he will be rolling over this idea too cute!

Photo: Pinterest

Pop cakes cubs

Too cute, these macaroons!


Bears invite themselves to taste

Spread a Nutella mousse on bread, add banana slices, cashews, blueberry rings, hazelnuts ... and here are gourmet cubs!

Bears buns

So there, enough to blow your gourmands these buns!


Sugar bear

A sugar paste bear ... to decorate a birthday cake, it's an idea!


Polar bears

They keep warm, these cookies decorated with icing sugar.


Bears with buns

He has a little brioche, right?


Bear carrying

Everyone wears his little almond ... crunchy!