Name Isore - Meaning of the Name

Name Isore - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

From the Latin "Isaura", "Isore" is also derived from the Greek term "Isauros". Originally designating the river "Isaurie" in Asia Minor, "Isaure" was gradually used to designate the inhabitants of Isaurie (Turkey). In some cultures, this feminine given name can also mean "God is fullness" or "in gold".


Few public figures carry this name. We can nevertheless quote the Quebec actress Isaure de Grandcourt, the pseudonym of the author of "Memory of a Housekeeper" released in 2012 and "The Slave Isaura" by Bernardo Guimarães in 1875.

Christian martyr of the 3rd century, Saint Isaure was decapitated with Felix, Peregrine, Basil, Innocent and Hermias, Athenian Christians who took refuge in a cave to escape religious persecutions.

His character :

The Isaure or Isore are ambitious and perfectionists. Determined to realize their dreams, they have a strong taste for victory and success. They are in perpetual quest of challenge and have horror of the routine.


Isaure, Isaura, Isauro and Isauros.

His party :

June 17

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