Recipe: the Easter cake

Recipe: the Easter cake

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Amaze your rabbits for Easter with this cake recipe top design in sponge cake and sugar! A creation from the book Creative Trends Spring / Summer 2017, published by Cultura.

A creation from the book Creative Trends Spring / Summer 2017, published by Cultura.

Recipe: the Easter cake (10 pics)

Material and ingredients

You need :
350 g of preparation for sponge cake
Sugar paste: 100 g yellow, 100 g fuchsia pink, 100 g orange 100 g green meadow, 500 g white
Requirements: 1 Easter decorative mold, 1 sugar paste straightener, 1 round stainless steel pan 22 cm in diameter, 1 set of 8 sugar dough tools, 1 small 16 cm roll for sugar dough, 1 mat silicone, 1 set of 6 thin cake racks, 1 knife, 1 chopping board
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You also need: 2 eggs, a little flour and butter for the mold, 1 press garlic, shortbread biscuits, jam.

Step 1

Prepare the cake:
Pour half of a sponge cake into the bowl of a mixer, add 2 eggs and 32 g of water. Mix slowly with the mixer for 2 min then mix at high speed for 6 min.
Butter and flour the round stainless steel pan of 22 cm and pour in the sponge cake. Cook in the oven at 180 ° C for 30 min minimum.

2nd step

Cut a cake rack to the diameter of the mold. Once the sponge cake has cooled down, unmold and place the sponge cake on the support. Cut it horizontally and garnish with jam.
Cover the whole cake with a thin layer of jam to facilitate the adhesion of the sugar paste. Book fresh.

Step 3

Laying the sugar dough on the cake
To prevent the sugar dough from sticking to the worktop and the roller, sprinkle the work area with icing sugar. Mix the sugar dough to soften it. Once it is perfectly flexible, spread with a roller to obtain a relatively thin disc of dough (about 40 cm).
Tip: Always spread the sugar dough on one side only and do not flip it around for easier work.

Step 4

Roll up the sugar dough with the roll and place it in the center of the cake. Smooth the edges to completely cover the cake. Use the straightener to give a perfectly uniform appearance. Cut out the excess sugar paste.
Tip: For a perfect pose of the dough, put the cake with its support on a bowl.

Step 5

Cake decoration:
Roll out the three colors of sugar dough (yellow, green and fuchsia colors) to create bands 0.5 cm wide. Put them on the cake and stick them by moistening their backs.
To create grass, use a garlic press and incorporate the green sugar paste. Press and lay on the top of the cake.
Tip: To create the effect of the fine earth, crush or grate shortbread cookies.

Step 6

Carrot molding:
Using the Easter decorative mold, form small carrots with the orange, yellow and green sugar pastes. Place a small amount of dough in the mold and squeeze with the roller. Turn out.
Glue each of the small carrots onto the colored bands on the edge of the cake by moistening them.
Tip: To form carrots in 3D, stick back to back two small carrots. Arrange them on the fine ground of biscuits.

Step 7

Modeling rabbits:
To make the rabbit's hind legs, shape two cylindrical shapes in the white sugar-colored dough. Using the knife, fold the cylinder in the middle at right angles (90 °) and gently flatten the top with your thumb.
For the front legs of the rabbit, shape two cylindrical shapes in the white sugar dough.
For the ears of the rabbit, shape two cylindrical shapes in the white sugar dough and flatten with the chisel. Repeat this action with the fuchsia color paste but in two smaller shapes. Flatten them on the white ears using the chisel.

Step 8

To make the body of the rabbit, model a pear shape in the white sugar paste.
For the rabbit's head, shape a ball with a light tip (to put the muzzle) in the white sugar paste. Model a small ball of fuchsia sugar paste for the muzzle and two small balls of brown sugar paste (mix of pink and green) for the eyes. Attach the eyes and muzzle by marking imprints on the head using the chisel.
Apply the head on the body.
For the tail of the rabbit, form a ball in the white sugar paste, flatten it gently and give it relief by squeezing the edges.

Step 9

Put all the pieces on the body and head of the rabbit and place the rabbit on the cake.

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