What do you know about choosing your baby's name?

What do you know about choosing your baby's name?

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Your child's first name is a choice that belongs entirely to you and his dad. And you will do as you wish, according to your tastes. Are all choices possible for you, or are there legal limits? To find out, do our quiz.

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Parents have always chosen the first name of their child

That's right. It's wrong.


Until the nineteenth century, the choice of the first name met certain rules and traditions. The child endorsed the baptismal name of his godfather, his godmother or that of his grandfather or grandmother. His godfather could choose a name for him. His parents also had the opportunity to rely on the parish priest, who often opted for the name of the saint of the day of birth of the child. Which limited the choices: in France, in the fifteenth century, five first names alone named 70% of the male population.