Name Umberto - Meaning of origin

Name Umberto - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Germanic, Italian

Meaning of the name:

Umberto is an Italian given name of Germanic origin. It comes from the terms Hun and Berht resulting in "giant" and "illustrious".


Italian novelist Umberto Eco, Italian archaeologist, philanthropist and archaeologist Umberto Zanotti, Italian singer Umberto Tozzi and Italian actor Umberto Orsini.

Umberto is celebrated in honor of Saint Humbert. This Count of Savoy was struck by three mournings, being three times widowed. He decided to become a monk against the advice of the barons. They later ordered him to leave the abbey, which he did. He therefore chooses to remarry to ensure his succession. Recognized for his piety and unshakeable faith, Saint Humbert died in Chambéry in 1189.

His character :

Good-natured, communicative and open-minded, Umberto is easy going. His sociability allows him to surround himself with friends he appreciates. Loyal to his family, he embodies an exemplary elder, a model father and a faithful friend. Of good character, Umberto is always available for his relatives. Charming, he easily gets what he wants, without having to impose. Somewhat emotional in some cases, he feels the need to be alone to think. Enclosed with introspection, Umberto shows great wisdom. Anxious about the image he sends back, he looks after his appearance and his actions never go against his words. At work, Umberto is a serious, conscientious and hard-working collaborator. He has a great sense of responsibility and an indisputable professional conscience. All these qualities, Umberto acquired during his childhood. Indeed, its voluntary and dynamic nature manifests itself from an early age. His curiosity and intelligence also earn him the merit of being good in the classroom.



His party :

Umberto is celebrated on March 25th.

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