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First name - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Ulrich originates from the Germanic roots wulf and rik meaning respectively "wolf" and "powerful".


Austrian screenwriter and director Ulrich Seidl, former French goalkeeper Ulrich Ramé, Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen, Swiss Protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli and screenwriter and actor Ulrich Zieger.

Saint Ulrich was the secretary of the wife of Henry III the Black. A native of Regensburg, he pledged to relieve the misery in his native country. In 1052, he entered the Abbey of Cluny where he was ordained priest by Saint Hughes. He then founded a monastery at Rueggisberg. St. Ulrich died on July 10, 1093.

His character :

Ulrich's personality is marked by his sense of duty and responsibility. Prudent and vigilant, he often anticipates problems using his quality of observation. Organized and demanding, Ulrich is the enemy of the half-measure. He goes after each of his companies by providing the necessary efforts to succeed. Attentive and attentive, Ulrich stands out for his loyalty and greatness of soul. From his childhood, Ulrich is characterized by a certain sensitivity. Thus, he tends to retreat to the point of becoming marginalized. To remedy this, he needs all the attention of his family, especially his parents, to feel confident. His disciplined nature also makes him hate anyone who interferes with pre-established rules.


Ulrick, Ulrik and Ulric.

His party :

Ulrich is honored on July 10th.

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