Name Manfred - Meaning of the Name and Origin

Name Manfred - Meaning of the Name and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Alfred's German form, Manfred is made up of Germanic roots al and Frido. It means "peaceful man".


German composer and conductor Manfred Gurlitt (d. 1973), German figure skater Manfred Schnelldorfer, German jurist and politician Manfred Walther, German digital art pioneer Manfred Mohr, German artist Manfred Pernice, the Austrian painter-sculptor-photographer Manfred Kielnhoger, the tenor and German opera singer Manfred Jung, the German footballer Manfred Vogel, the Austrian archaeologist-Egyptologist Manfred Bietak ...

Alfred was a monk in Corvey before being ordained bishop of Hildesheim in 851. In connection with King Louis II of Germany, he took part in important diplomatic missions. Nicknamed the "all peaceful", Alfred excelled in the art of settling disputes and thus contributed to the establishment of lasting peace. He died on August 15, 874.

His character :

Intelligent and autonomous, Alfred does not wait for anyone to help him achieve his goals. Not appreciating the pressure, he is not only jealous of his freedom, but is also a bit rebellious. Endowed with a great creativity and an exceptional critical spirit, he embodies a perfect strategist. In addition, Alfred has an innate sense of responsibility. There is no lack of initiative and rigor when engaging in an activity. Submitted to a strong sensitivity, it is very receptive, but still manages to calm his emotions. Morally speaking, Alfred is a protester. Curious by nature, he is wary of preconceived ideas and demands solid arguments before adhering to a thought.


Alfred, Alfredo, Manfroy ...

His party :

People named Manfred are honored on August 15th.

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